Drop-off System Rules for Section Runs

Drop Off System

In order that everyone keeps safe and no one gets left behind we operate the ‘drop off’ system on most of our runs.

Success of the system relies on the Leader, Riders / Markers and Back Marker understanding and carrying out their responsibilities at all times. If you have any doubts or questions please ask the Leader for clarification before a run begins.


At the start of the run, the Leader (hi-vis yellow/orange tabard or similar) and the Back Marker (blue tabard) will make themselves known to the group. The Leader will outline the route and confirm the destination and give any other information or instructions they consider necessary. This could include details of road conditions or places where marking may be a problem. All direction changes will be marked.

Riders / Markers

Ride at a pace that suits you. You may overtake other riders if their progress does not suit you. Never overtake the Leader.

At some point during the run, you will be the rider immediately behind the Leader. At the next junction or turning the Leader will indicate for you to stop and become a Marker. You must do so, positioning yourself safely such that the following group can see you, and indicate the route. Should the Leader fail to signal, you must take the initiative and stop anyway. If the rider behind the Leader does not stop and you are next in the group, you must take on the responsibility as Marker. Stay in position until you see the Back Marker, who will signal for you to ride on. Do not leave your position until signalled to move, which could be some time if the group gets separated by traffic control or conditions.

Back Marker

The Back Marker will be aware of the destination of the run.

In the event of a breakdown one rider will stop to assist. The Back Marker will not become involved as they need to keep in touch with the main group.