Brooklands Section Constitution

Brooklands Section Constitution



The Committee:          shall mean the Committee of this Section.

Committee Member:  shall mean a member of the Section Committee.

Member:                    shall mean any fully paid up or Honorary Member of the VMCC as described in the Articles of Association.

Management Committee:   shall mean the Management Committee of the VMCC.

The Office:                 shall mean the National Office of the VMCC.


  1. The name of the Section will be:
  2. It will cover the following areas (geographical or special interest):
    Generally postcodes KT, GU, TW and RG.
  3. It shall at all times encourage and foster the objectives of the VMCC.
  4. The Section shall hold regular meetings, on the day and time and place notified to the Office and published in the Club Magazine. The Committee may cancel a meeting as necessary. An organised run for the members to ride their machines shall count as a Section Meeting.
  5. The Section shall hold Annual General Meetings not more than fifteen months apart for the election of the Officers and to deal with section Business. The minimum number of Committee Members shall be three, the Chairman, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. The Section may elect as many additional Committee members as it feels necessary to administer the Section to the members’ satisfaction. All Committee Members will serve for a period of one year before being eligible for re-election. If a position becomes vacant the Committee may appoint a Section member to fill the position until the next AGM when the person may stand for election to the Committee.
  6. Any member may attend any Section meeting. Members should be prepared to show a current membership card when attending any meeting. A current employee of the VMCC shall also be eligible to attend a Section meeting and also invite guests.
  7. There is no minimum attendance requirement but a non-attending member will be considered to be a member of the Section which meets nearest to his home. A member may also be a regular attender at the meetings of more than one Section.
  8. The Section shall maintain its own Bank account which shall require there to be two signatures on each payment out of either three or four of the Committee members. The VMCC shall have no powers in relation to the Bank account. The Section may consult the VMCC Financial Controller on matters relating to the account but they will remain the responsibility of the Section Committee.
  9. The Committee shall have the power to make a charge for any Meetings or Events which it may organise. These may be used to cover the costs of running the Section, including room rental and speaker’s expenses, or be used for charitable purposes.
  10. A member, who is not an Honorary member, shall cease to be a member of the Section in the event of non-payment of the Annual VMCC subscription. Such a member may not continue to serve on the Section Committee. Section membership shall also cease where any member has their VMCC membership terminated by the Management Committee.
  11. The Committee may also enact local Bylaws, but these must not conflict with the Memorandum and Articles of VMCC. This particularly applies to the special interest sections who must define their area of activity which must be agreed with the Management Committee.
  12. In the event of the Section closing down, any surplus funds and equipment, after satisfying the requirements of the creditors and Section members, shall be donated to VMCC.