AGM 2024

The Section's 2024 AGM was held at the Brooklands Museum Club House on January 16th, and was followed by the presentation of various awards and a quiz set by Tony Baxter The draft minutes are shown below.

Venue: Members’ Bar, Brooklands Museum                                                              Date: 16/01/24


Committee: John Gentleman (Chairman), David Ashdown (Secretary), David Bell (Treasurer), Jeremy Sigger, Andy Faima, Robin Sutherland, Richard Cross

Members: 20

Apologies: Duncan Moss, John Webster

Minutes of AGM for y/e 31.12.22

The Secretary gave a brief summary of the Minutes for y/e 31.12.22. There were no Matters Arising.

Chairman’s Report

Good evening one and all. So, another successful year for the Section. Lots of great runs and events, with some memorable for the wrong reasons like the infamous Brooklands six, racing through Dorset in excess of 30 mph. For all that we had a great trip with wonderful runs led by the South Dorset Section.

Then there was the Brooklands Nomad section at Chertsey. Again it turned out to be a good day and we were joined by nice Dutch couple who had fun with us on their Horex bikes.

Along the way we have been joined by a few new members to enrich the Section.

The Pre-war/Classic runs were very well attended, so much so it will be tweaked with a 5 minute gap between the 2 groups.

Thank you all, both Members and Committee, for all your support and help with leading runs, Club Nights and helping out at events.

Other matters.

Awards for 2023 will be presented tonight followed by a quiz

Our Section Dinner is on Sat 27th of this month, still time to sign up

Brooklands Breakout is on 13th -16th May, pick up a flyer tonight

The next Winter Wandering is on Saturday 3rd Feb. Neal Young will be leading from the Broooklands Community Park to the Royal Oak at Knaphill


Treasurer’s Report

The Section account is working well with both the Secretary and Treasurer having full access to online banking as well as individual debit cards on the account.

The Brooklands Museum had previously imposed a minimum bar spend of £150 as a condition for using the bar area for our Club Nights although at recent club nights this rule has been relaxed. At the end of the evening, we have to make up the difference from our club funds. Fortunately due to reasonable turnouts and rule relaxation we have topped up the bar in the last year to a total of £96.80

All items are listed in the distributed accounts report, also shown is the income versus expenditure comparison from 2020 to date

Summarised, the main income sources in 2023 were:

Section Runs - £356.00

Autojumble - £403.00

Club Nights - £36.65

The account balance at the end of 2023 was £2071.80

Election of Committee and Officials

All existing Committee members – John Gentleman (Chairman), David Ashdown (Secretary), David Bell (Treasurer), Jeremy Sigger, Richard Cross, Andy Faima, John Webster and Robin Sutherland stood down and, with the exception of John Webster, put themselves forward for re-election. No other candidates having been proposed, there were no objections to the above named continuing for a further year.

The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer were willing to continue in their roles. No other candidates having been proposed, there were no objections to the current Officials continuing for a further year.



No matters have been notified and none were raised from the floor.