AGM 2022

The Section’s 2022 AGM was held at the Brooklands Museum Club House on January 18th, and followed by a quiz set by Richard Huckle. The draft minutes are shown below and the accounts can be downloaded here:.2021 Year End accounts

Venue: Members’ Bar, Brooklands Museum                                Date: 18/01/22


Committee: John Gentleman (JG – Chair), David Ashdown (DA – Secretary), Jeremy Sigger (JS), Andy Faima (AF), Robin Sutherland (RS), David Bell (DB – Treasurer), John Webster (JW) Richard Cross (RC)

Members: 21

Apologies: Jim Dwelly, Ian Gilbert

Minutes of AGM for y/e 31.12.20

The Minutes were agreed as a true record by those present.

Matters Arising

Facebook – The Brooklands Section Facebook Discussion Group has been set up as ‘private’.

Trophies – DA requested all current trophy holders to continue to retain them until further notice.

Chairman’s Report

This time last year we were Zooming into the AGM, not ideal but better than nothing.

The Club’s 75th in April was difficult but due to the kind folk at ‘Squires Holt’ a handful of us were invited there and Robin took some photos. Although small groups from Goodwood and Surrey & Sussex also went, none of the groups actually met, other than a wave across the two carriageways of the A31.

As the Covid rules opened up we were able to have some more normal runs and rides through the summer. Many thanks go to the Committee and Members who put much time and effort into mapping out and testing runs. Given the uncertain times I thought the turnouts were quite good.

The Motorcycle Show at Brooklands went very well and thanks to David Bell for taking the helm. Some of us could not attend due to a clash with the VMCC event at Cadwell.

It was good to be back at The Crown for our social evenings in the summer and,

after a few hiccups, it’s nice to be back here for our Club Nights, which will hopefully continue with sufficient support from your good selves. We will keep you informed on our continuing use of the Members’ Bar.

The Pre-War Run went very well, thanks to Members support and some of their family members who helped in the hall, plus some good weather.

Our most recent event, the AutoJumble went very well, despite with a clash with the Somerset section jumble. It was good to meet up with everyone, so let’s look forward optimistically.

It remains for me to thank the Committee for all the work they do behind the scenes and all of you for coming this evening.

Treasurer’s Report

Due to HSBC imposing bank charges on our account from November 2021 onwards, we have closed that account and transferred the funds to a Barclays Community Account. Both the Secretary and Treasurer have full access to online banking as well as individual debit cards on the new account.

From January 2022 we are planning to stop our annual donation to Brooklands Museum as the Museum has imposed a minimum bar spend of £150 as a condition for using the bar area for our Club Nights. At the end of the evening, we have to make up the difference from our club funds and this is expected to be far in excess of what we have previously donated.

All items are listed in the distributed accounts report which will be attached in the distribution. Also shown is the income versus expenditure comparison from 2018 to date.

Summarised, the income sources in 2021 were:

Club Nights – £102.50

Section Runs – £183.00

Autojumble – £285.25

Club Stand Sales – £34.00

Election of Committee and Officials

All existing Committee members – John Gentleman (Chairman), David Ashdown (Secretary), David Bell (Treasurer), Jeremy Sigger, Richard Cross, Andy Faima, John Webster and Robin Sutherland put themselves forward for re-election. No other candidates having been proposed, there were no objections to the current Committee continuing for a further year. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are willing to continue in their official roles. No other candidates having been proposed, there were no objections to the current Officials continuing for a further year.


Neal Young mentioned a Classic Vehicle Show (pre 1980 preferred) held at Mimbridge Garden Estate in Chobham GU24 8AR on the first Sunday of the month (9.00am – 1.00pm). This is advertised as a car show but the organisers are keen to encourage motorcycles to attend. Proceed go to Woking Hospice.

Mike Smith advised that he had acquired a number of old newspaper articles, many from The Motor Cycle and Motorcycling, plus some trade literature mostly from the early ’60s.

Items are 50p per page with 50% of the proceeds going to Club funds. If Members were interested they could browse them at the end of the evening


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