Richard Huckle, Section Chairman

New Chairman Brooklands Section

Who said no one would be interested in riding around on a modern sports bike in second gear!

By Richard Huckle The new Chairman, Brooklands Section

It was my privilege to be elected chairman of the iconic Brooklands section of VMCC at our recent AGM. I am following in the footsteps of several committed chairman most recently Tim Simkins, who has relocated to Wales as a new base for traveling in his retirement.
I suspect that I am not typical of most members or indeed section chairman, in that my first motorcycling love is not old British bikes. I am of the generation (under 60) to whom Japanese bikes were the only bikes in town, and until my involvement in the VMCC I had never ridden a bike with a gear change on the wrong (right hand) side ! So modern bikes are my first love and I currently own a Triumph Tiger 800, so called Adventurer style bike which I rode to the Arctic Circle last year.
My involvement with the VMCC started through the encouragement of my friend and long-time VMCC member Neal Young, who unlike some members has the view that it’s all about getting people involved, “whatever they ride”. In my case eight years ago I rode a one year old Ducati ST3 sport tourer. With Neal’s encouragement I rocked up to VMCC runs and tagged along, riding the Surrey Hills on ride outs, following the normal collection of British iron in second gear (sometimes). I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was made to feel welcome and no one said anything (directly to me anyway) about being on a modern bike.
With the encouragement of the section members I bought my first “qualifying Bike” a modest investment of £800 bought me a 1958 BSA C12. A few years later with a redundancy cheque I bought the bike of my dreams in the 1980’s– a 1981 BMW R100RS. In my view probably the best all round designed bike ever, (I am sure that comment will create some discussion!).
I am delighted to be involved with the Brooklands section, and now as chairman, with the support of the members will continue to have a welcoming attitude to anyone with an interest in old bikes, whatever they currently ride. So when a member suggests that no one with a modern sports bike is likely to be interested in the VMCC, you can now quote me, someone who has developed from an interest in modern bikes only, into a qualifying rider of old bikes and an interest, such that they have become a section chairman.

C12: My first Qualifying bike bought from a relative for £800 complete with a gear change on the wrong side.

Arctic Circle crossing: 12th August 2015 at the Arctic Circle crossing in Norway – yes it was cold.

The modern bike I trundled around the Surrey Hills with the welcoming Brooklands section